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Innovative Options Available for Adult Braces

It is more common to see adults wearing braces today, their popularity having increased with the innovations of different types of braces beyond the traditional wire method. Today you can have your teeth aligned using braces which are less intrusive, physically and visually.

The unsightly nature of traditional metal braces put people off from having them fitted, but now people are more comfortable in the options available to them. In consultation with your dentist you can discuss the best solution to address misaligned teeth.

Why You May Require Adult Braces

Similar to when deciding on braces for children, adults may feel they could benefit from braces for several reasons. One of the principal reasons to have braces fitted is to correct misaligned or crooked teeth. When the teeth are not aligned properly it affects the bite and can result in more tooth wear than normal, chipped teeth and jaw issues.

Tooth crowding can be another reason for braces, while at the other end of the scale they also correct issues of too much spacing between teeth. Such issues make people less confident in their smile, which in turn can make them less confident overall. By straightening the teeth it can restore the smile people want.

Modern Braces and Aligners

Modern advances in braces provides more choice in the type you can have fitted, allowing you to select the option which best fits your lifestyle. You can still opt for a traditional style of braces which are fitted directly to the teeth, but they do not need to be as unsightly as before.

Modern braces can include brackets and attachments which are clear, making them far less visible then traditional metal braces. This can put you more at ease while going about your everyday life.

Dentists can also take a mould of your teeth in order to produce custom-made removable aligners, which fit over the teeth. These aligners are clear, and being removable you can take them out for a certain period of time if desired, for example at a works meeting or a special occasion.

If considering adult braces for corrective treatment of an alignment issue ensure you are fully aware of the options available to you. Discuss the possibilities with your dentist and also discuss the care required while you are wearing them, plus the oral care routine required to maintain your smile when the braces are removed.

The Whitehouse Dental Clinic specialists can help you make a decision about adult braces. Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation. Get a beautiful smile very soon!

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