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Six Month Smiles Braces for a Faster Way to Straighter Teeth

Six Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic treatment aimed at straightening the front teeth in a shorter time span than traditional braces and aligners. People with crooked or misaligned teeth can sometimes be put off having them straightened by of traditional braces -- metal train track braces.

However, advancements in orthodontic treatments available to dentists give patients more choice. The Six Month Smiles clear-coloured braces may appeal as people look for a treatment that fits their lifestyle. You should consult with your dentist for advice on whether this solution is right for you.

How Do These Braces Work?

Following a consultation with your dentist, an impression will be taken of your teeth in order for customised braces can be made to fit. Six Month Smiles braces involve clear brackets and white titanium wire. Once fitted you will need to visit your dentist occasionally for assessment and to re-tighten the braces as the teeth gently re-align.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

The main benefit of Six Month Smiles is the speed in which your teeth can be aligned. Although everyone is different, the average treatment time is 6 months, compared to 12-18 months for traditional metal braces.

The transparency of the braces is also a key advantage. Many people are put off getting braces because of the visible nature of traditional metal braces. Six Month Smiles braces use clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to make them far more discreet.

The shorter length of time they take to correct teeth means they tend to be more affordable than other methods.

Is the Process Painful?

Most people report they do not experience any pain, which is helped by the way the braces gently move the teeth with low levels of force. As not everyone is the same it is possible that some people will feel some discomfort initially, for which over the counter pain relief should suffice.

Six Month Smiles are a short-term treatment designed to correct the front teeth only and people should be aware of what they can expect to achieve with this option before beginning treatment.

As it is aimed at the front teeth only it may not improve bite issues and this is something you should discuss with your dentist beforehand. This treatment and comparative methods are discussed at Total Orthodontics.

Visit http://www.totalorthodontics.co.uk/category/invisible-braces/ to read about available options if you have been considering straightening crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth.

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