Six Month Smiles: Is It Right For You?

What Is Six Month Smiles?

In one sentence, Six Month Smiles is an affordable way to straighten your teeth. Six Month Smiles incorporates the best of Invisalign (clear orthodontic aligners) and traditional metal braces. It uses a clear bracket system, along with tooth-coloured wires. The combination of the two reduces the visibility of said braces, making them nearly invisible at a distance. If you are someone with small issues regarding the position and placement of your teeth, Six Month Smiles may be for you. Additionally, this line of treatment is advised to patients who aren’t interested in traditional braces or other options.

How Do Six Month Smiles Work?

This particular procedure involves correcting only minor cosmetic issues. This includes gaps between the teeth, misaligned, or slightly crooked teeth. For patients with serious orthodontic issues like severely crooked occlusion and poor bite, other treatments are better suited for them. In short, healthy teeth without any major alignment issues get to experience the beauty of Six Month Smiles. This treatment provides fantastic results without the discomfort and unaesthetic appeal of traditional metal braces. Furthermore, this procedure takes care of minor issues involving the front teeth of a patient. This means that the treatment time is much shorter than that of traditional braces, which can take anywhere from 12 months to 2 years. It is even shorter than Invisalign, which takes a full year to complete.

Six Month Smiles Procedure

On your first visit to The White House Dental Clinic regarding the braces, we will complete an examination of your teeth/mouth and determine if you are suitable for the Six Month Smiles. Our staff members will then go through your full treatment plan of options If you are suitable and wish to proceed with the braces, the staff will organise an appointment with you that is suitable to your schedule and a deposit is taken. The appointment length for the Six Month Braces varies due to if it is one arch or both. When you attend your braces on an appointment, we will proceed to take x-rays, pictures and impressions of your upper and lower jaws. We then place the lightweight brackets on your teeth and the wires. You will be back in a week to check your progress and every 3 to 4 weeks thereafter. Each visit allows the dentist to adjust your braces. The adjusting is done over a couple of months and repositions the teeth into proper alignment. To sum it up, Six Month Smiles delivers outstanding results by gently repositioning your teeth with clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. When the teeth are aligned and braces are taken off there is a permanent retainer placed at the back of the front teeth and removable retainers are made only suitable to you. We here at The White House Dental Clinic include an extra surprise for the Six Month Smile patients when their braces are removed.

Advantages Of Six Month Smiles

Braces of any type result in straighter and healthier teeth. But the fact remains that not all teeth straightening procedures are equal. Traditional braces might get the job done, but they involve a particular level of discomfort and extended treatment times. Clearer braces not only showcase faster results but are also much more comfortable than their counterparts. There are many pros of Six Month Smiles. Some of them are listed below –

Higher Aesthetic Appeal

With the use of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, this treatment ranks higher on the aesthetic level than traditional braces. While the latter is extremely noticeable, the former blends inconspicuously with your pearly whites.

Shorter Treatment Time

This is perhaps the biggest advantage with Six Month Smiles. Compared to other forms of orthodontics, this treatment straightens your teeth in an average of 6 months, it may take longer. As mentioned earlier, traditional braces can take up to 2 years and Invisalign takes up to 12 months. However, the reason why Six Month Smiles works so fast is that it is only straightening your front teeth.

More Comfortable

Aside from being made from a material that is much smoother and more comfortable, these are also less painful to place in a patient’s mouth.

More Affordable

Our team at The White House Dental Clinic will go over the Six Month Smiles’ cost with you when you come in for a consultation.

Am I A Good Candidate For Six Month Smiles?

If you tick the following boxes, you may be the right candidate for this treatment –

  • Are looking for a discreet way of straightening your teeth
  • Have crowded teeth that are mild or moderate
  • Need a comfortable and efficient orthodontic option that is also expedited

If you want to assess whether you’re a good fit for Six Month Smiles, schedule a visit to The White House Dental Clinic today! The exceptional Dr Elese Pottie will go over your treatment options and help you decide which line of treatment is perfect for you. Additionally, our staff is well-versed in the art of taking care of everyone who sets foot in our dental office. Call us at (042) 975-4833 to book an appointment with us. Alternatively, you can also fill this form here.