Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening at The White House Dental

Here at “The White House Dental,” we take Teeth Whitening very seriously, allowing you to get a beautiful bright smile at your convenience. Please sit back and relax while we use the whitening gel and light, and you watch a movie or listen to some music, perhaps. Rest assured, you will never find a more relaxing & pleasant way to get your teeth sparkling.

Did you know that naturally, our teeth are not perfectly white? Therefore, some people feel the need to improve their smile with brighter, whiter teeth. Extrinsic stains can appear on teeth over time due to eating and drinking certain foods and beverages. Teeth also turn more yellow with age due to acquiring pigmentation inside the teeth. But we can easily sort this out at “The White House Dental.”

How does the Teeth Whitening treatment work?

After the initial comprehensive assessment made by our dental team, we’ll check your teeth and gums to ensure you’re suitable for the type of teeth whitening products we use. If you are, we’ll take an impression of your bite and use it to build a whitening tray. We’ll then place the whitening product into this tray to fit around your teeth. We will leave this tray on for a while to ensure that the whitening solution reaches every tooth, removes the yellow color, and leaves you with a sparkling smile.

Teeth Whitening

Our goal is always to help our patients maintain their dental health so that they can enjoy exceptional overall oral health and hygiene.

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Who can benefit from Teeth Whitening by
“The White House Dental?”

Almost everyone sees the immediate effects of treatment. However, it can be more effective on some than it’s on others. Our dental team can easily determine if you’re a viable candidate through a thorough, quick exam, including a teeth shade assessment.

All you have to do is visit us; we’ll sort everything out and give you a bright smile, the brightest you have ever had.

Teeth Whitening