Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding at The White House Dental

Due to innovations in dentistry, highly effective dental materials have been incepted so that we can use them to repair chips or build up gaps or other defects in teeth. These composites are rigid and bond very strongly to your teeth, with long-lasting results.
Composite bonding will help you achieve a beautiful, confident smile quickly if it’s skillfully and artistically shaped & moulded to match your other teeth. At “The White House Dental,” we pride ourselves in achieving top quality, aesthetically pleasing results from composite bonding.
Bonding consists of composite resin application on dental surfaces to repair chipped, decayed, or misaligned teeth. Composite resin is better than other techniques as it’s aesthetic, reasonably priced & very mouldable. This technique allows reconstructing parts of teeth in the smile’s aesthetic sector to change their colour, shape, and size according to preliminary aesthetic design

Why should you opt for Composite Bonding from The White House Dental?

Composite Bonding is often carried out for aesthetic reasons to improve the appearance of chipped teeth. This technique aims to modify and enhance the silhouette and shape of the teeth visible in the smile using composite materials. The difference with the natural tooth is almost unnoticeable, and usually, a session is enough to complete the treatment.
Composite Bonding

Our goal is always to help our patients maintain their dental health so that they can enjoy exceptional overall oral health and hygiene.

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How long
does it last?

With proper care, Cosmetic Bonding will last up to 7 years successfully. Taking proper care will extend the length of time they’ll last. But you should avoid ice cubes, hard candy, and similar substances that could potentially crack the material.
Composite Bonding
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To give you the best result, we recommend whitening your teeth with our bespoke teeth whitening treatment before going for composite bonding. Our dental team will then match composite material to the colour of your whitened smile and bond it to your teeth. It is then shaped & polished to give you a flawless result. You may have just one tooth that spoils your smile or can use the treatment for a full smile makeover. It is particularly effective when used at the end of cosmetic orthodontic treatment to add the finishing touches.