Wedding or Special Event in 2020?

six month smiles

If you’re planning a wedding or another special event next year, it’s the best time to discuss orthodontics.

You can have a beautiful smile by next summer, thanks to Six Month Smiles! This is a system of braces that can straighten your front teeth in just that time. In just six months, you’ll have the braces off, ready for the cameras at your big event.

Teens can have that great smile for prom or graduation, with Six Month Smiles.

Even if you’re “older,” there’s no reason to put off orthodontics any longer. If you’ve put up with crooked teeth for a lifetime, let’s straighten them so you feel confident smiling.

Everyone loves the results of Six Month Smiles! You feel great smiling, laughing, socializing — and at business meetings. Can you imagine it?

Today’s Braces are Brilliant

While traditional metal braces might have been embarrassing, so much has changed about braces. Today, they are tooth-coloured or clear so they are much less noticeable. And they are much more comfortable than in the past.

If you’ve covered your teeth whilst laughing, today’s braces will turn that around. You’ll love the freedom to laugh and talk – and meet someone new – more than ever before. Life opens up when you have so much more self-confidence.

The Beautiful Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Modern dentistry offers a range of orthodontic treatments. Six Month Smiles is a discreet orthodontic treatment which uses clear brackets, custom-made from impressions of your teeth. It is a cosmetic treatment used on the front teeth, the ones people will notice when you smile.

Clear brackets which are bonded to your teeth, and the wires are tooth-coloured, making them almost invisible to others. This corrective treatment is very comfortable as it gently realigns the teeth, with the custom-made brackets allowing for more precision.

As the name suggests, you will see your teeth straightening very quickly — within six months. This is a quicker treatment period than many types of braces. Traditional braces might take a year or longer to provide results, but with Six Month Smiles it’s possible to complete the treatment in just six months.

Within a very short time, you will have the smile you’ve longed for and the self-confidence you’ve needed. You can walk down the church aisle or greet your prom date with that fantastic smile. Smile for every camera in the room, knowing you look beautiful.

If it’s time to get your teeth straightened, talk to us about the options that are best for your situation. Six Months Smiles might be a great option for you!